The Oxford Program is a career guidance business providing the most comprehensive, systematic solutions for students and adults.

About the Founder

Steve Bohler is the founder and director of The Oxford Program and a master career coach.

Steve is a former Wall Street executive turned rowing coach of the prestigious Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Team turned international career coach. His unique life experiences prompted subsequent studies into human motivation, organizational psychology and the relationship between human nature and career choices. Feeling strongly that one’s work life should not be dreaded, Steve researched and developed the concept of a “Natural Vocation”

Steve has contributed to career advice articles for top-tier websites such as AOL and Techies. He has also moderated career advice forums on and the Princeton Review website.

Steve’s personal experiences with career choice and coaching led him to commit his life to helping today’s youth understand their true talents and passions and develop a Personal Career Vision to better guide their educational and career decisions.

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