If you are a student and are confused about what college or major is best for you, or if you’re overwhelmed by career choice, then we can help. In The Oxford Program, you chart a definite career course, not just wander aimlessly down a path to your future.

Did You Know?

  • $72,000 is the average amount being paid for a college education today.
  • Over 50% of today’s college students will change their choice of major.
  • 65% of college seniors surveyed wished they had chosen a different field.
  • Students are graduating from college without a clear vision of who they are or what they want to do or achieve.


Research has shown that young people who have a positive vision for themselves in an attainable future:

  • Complete college on time more often.
  • Get better grades.
  • Feel happier, more satisfied, and more enthusiastic about college.
  • Tend to get better jobs that are more related to the academic work they did in college.
  • Earn up to three times the work-related income over time.

The Oxford Program Leads You To Answers

Choosing the wrong major, the wrong college and ultimately, the wrong career costs thousands of dollars, countless setbacks and frustration. The Oxford Program uses a systematic combination of natural ability testing, personal style and interests assessment to help you learn what the type of work you’re most hard-wired for, how you learn best, and the best types of majors, colleges, and careers for you.

For high school and college students looking to uncover their greatest talents through the gold-standard of natural ability testing, personal style, and interests, optimize their career options through our triangulation matching process, and build confidence through the understanding of their true strengths. Includes the Highlands Ability Battery and Oxford CareerFitNow Analysis. Learn More

For students who want to determine if they have the right set of natural talents to be successful in a medical career, and medical school students who want to pinpoint their best possible medical specialty. Includes the Oxford Career Aptitudes Program (CAP) and our proprietary medical specialty matching data and algorithms. Learn More

For law students and young lawyers who want to determine the directions and roles which will maximize their natural abilities and lead to the greatest chance of success and enjoyment. Others may take the LCAP to determine if they have the right set of natural talents to be successful in the legal profession. Learn More

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